Election Platform

My Platform is available as a printable PDF here.

Donna’s Election Platform

Our Governance 

The voters’ choice of Chief and Council need to be mindful of the voices of all members on and off Shawanaga First Nation, all those they represent. 

Healing Centre 

The Healing Centre and its team members have been very strong in working together to keep our community safe, ensuring necessary supplies, giving online support both culturally and mentally. The growth and programs offered are without a doubt, reassuring to our membership. 


In these times of the pandemic, common goals are that the school curriculum be accessible by remote learning. Home schooling requires sufficient internet service to be available. Our children’s education is important as they are our future doctors, accountants, nurses, lawyers, teachers, business managers, skilled tradesmen/women and many more especially language teachers. Here, we must remember that our Elders are a valuable resource of history. 

Our Fish Hatchery 

Shawanaga’s Fish Hatchery program has enhanced our fish population and has shown our ability to recreate the population of Walleye to the historical gathering places in our territory. With education and growth of the hatchery, we have realized a successful pilot project. A summer programme should be implemented to tag and follow the fish through water temperatures and food sources, gaining valuable information for future growth. 

Land Stewardship 

As a starting point, we need a place in our community where we can gather to honour our ancestors that have gone on before us. We should take pride in restoring the graveyard and the gravesites, and establish a comfort area for people coming to visit their relatives in these special places. Like other communities we should also designate a Memorial Decoration Day. In addition, we should recognize the Fish Hatchery as key to Stewardship of the water, which historically has been the center of the Ojibway world. 


Under current Provincial Covid protocol, monthly Chief and Council meetings should be held by Zoom. However, continued membership participation should be our goal to ensure all voices are heard. 


Quality housing which complements the land base and the options for off-grid clean living homes can be our goal. Building sustainable tiny homes with composting toilets and natural water collection, providing power with solar panels and other supporting power energies, make this goal realizable. 

Robinson Huron Treaty 

We will keep our membership well informed on the Robinson Huron Treaty Annuity as it becomes available. All of our membership should be the decision makers on the distribution of the Annuity when it becomes a reality.