About Me

Hello my name is Donna Edna Marie Longlade – Candidate for Chief of Shawanaga First Nation.

I am a mother of four, grandmother of eight, great grandmother of six. I was born on Shawanaga First Nation. My grandmother, Sophia Kewaquado married Michael Giroux. They created a large family based on love, respect and hard work. And we acknowledge a long line of offspring and many creative entrepreneurs. 

Sophia hosted many gatherings for women to make blankets, quilts, baskets and quilling. These ladies worked together to help and support each other and the community with warmth, food, stories and love. As a woman striving for peace and community harmony, I would like to see our members cherish and support each other. 

I believe we need to recover our traditional and cultural values and protect the land we have been born to, as each member is a guardian of this land. Direction should not only be made by choice of Chief and Council but should reflect the voices of all members on and off Shawanaga First Nation. 

As a former Council Member I held the Health portfolio and was often delegated to be the proxy vote for the Chief at various high-level functions and AFN national gatherings.
Along with this I bring my work experience of 24 years with the Ministry of Natural Resource and currently sit as an Elder for Elder Assisted Circle Parole Hearings in Ontario for the Indigenous population. 

It is the members’ voices and opinions that will shape the future development of Shawanaga First Nation. With your support I commit myself to our shared objectives. 

Feel free to contact me via email at donna_eml@hotmail.com or by calling me at 705-774-5735.